Sunday, August 31, 2008


We went to a wedding Saturday. The youngest son of some friends of ours. We've watched him grow up. What would be a good word to describe this blessed event? Reverent? No........., solemn? no.........., interesting?????????? Well, that would be getting closer, but not quite. The groom and groomsmen were quite handsome in their black tuxes, the bridesmaids almost elegant in their black dresses (dresses, not gowns), the bride radiant in her beautiful white satin gown and FLIP FLOPS. I kid you not. The preacher in his white double knit shirt with no tie. The reception was in a , the nicest thing I could say would be a dive. With a country, no, redneck, flair. Our friends, their kids and families, and me and hubby, huddled together in one corner, watching the "festivities". Getting all the 411 on whose exhusband had stabbed whose daddy to death in the local bar, etc. Need I say more? The band leader wanted a big hell yeah from all the rednecks, proceeded to say we all were rednecks. I looked at my friend and said, "Not me! I'm Baptist!" We left early.