Thursday, September 18, 2008

Driving Tips

(1) When attempting to leave your driveway, it is usually best to first CRANK the vehicle before attempting to put said vehicle in gear. Trust me. It just works better that way.
(2) When driving said vehicle to your mailbox (yes, I DRIVE to my mailbox. If you saw my driveway, you would know why. It is almost perpendicular--word of the day), it does not matter how many times you push the button to roll the window down, or how hard you mash the button to roll the window down. If the window is ALREADY DOWN, these actions will produce absolutely no results. Once again, trust me on this. I know.
(3) When attempting to roll said window back up again, please use the correct button for the job. This would be the top, left button on the door panel, in a set of four, located just below the door lock button. If you perform the same action as in number 2 (see above) with any button except the upper left button, you will experience negative results.
(4) Yes, this comedy of errors took place all in single outing. I was just trying to get my mail. And no, no one on my computer was telling me that "You have mail". I did it all by myself. Welcome to my world.


Kaye Butler said...

Oh, I think I would blame that one on the number of birthdays you have had.

At least (this time anyway) it wasn't your child running behind you vehicle beating on the window screaming, "You're leaving me!"