Friday, December 19, 2008

Hot Hot Hot

For December, anyway. My kids missed school Tuesday because of the ice storm. School started 2 hours late on Wednesday. On Thursday I had to work in Jonesboro. High was 37. Today, Friday, worked in Jonesboro and the high was 68. Yes, Leslie, I got up this morning and turned on the air conditioner. Yes, I ran it in my truck this afternoon. 70 forecast for tomorrow. And for Sunday? HIGH OF 38. Low of 20. Welcome to Arkansas.


Leslie said...

Yeah I remember that, I think this weekend we are having highs of 16 Sat and Sunday, and Lauren wants to go Shopping, the mall in Loveland is an outdoor mall, Who ever thought of that smart idea of putting an outdoor mall in Colorado where the wind blows at 75mph and that is a breeze and temps are from 100 to -50! Oh I am sure some man did!
Enjoy those warm days. send it back my way!