Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ice Storm Warning

We have been under an ice storm warning for almost 24 hours now. Leslie, you would be proud. No, I did not rush to the grocery store to buy milk and bread. Left that up to Kaye (who felt sorry for me and brought me some milk!). If you have not experienced winter in the south, this would have you shaking your head. Everybody races to the store and buys every single loaf of bread and gallon of milk available. Even if we did get iced in, the forecast calls for amost 70 the next few days. Yes, there have been winter storms in the past, RARELY, but it's almost a game to see if you can get out on the ice to go to the store. You take off work because it is too bad to get there, but by golly you can make it to Walmart! My kids go to Cross County schools and they were closed because they are more a rural population and just a few miles more north of Wynne, who went to school. We did not get any ice here. My employer's home office is in Jonesboro, who got a pretty good wallop of winter. They were closed. Therefore, we were shut down also, with pay. Works for me.


Kaye Butler said...

Oh...you are using your words...southern words..Wallop?

This is a good post, just one little thing that I would like to know. WHAT DOES EVERYONE DO WITH ALL THAT MILK AND BREAD?

Just wondering. Got any ideas?

I heard some MAN in the grocery last night saying..."Hurry, get that milk honey, its gonna be a ONE DAY FREEZE IN! We might starve." She slapped him hard in the back of the head.

Dianne said...

Because if you lose power you can eat samiches, southern word, and cold cereal

Leslie said...

It is so different here, the stores do not empty out when they call for snow unless they call for blizzard type snow, ie last Christmas and the year before. I don't really want bread and milk at home, give me chocolate, some hamburger meat, just stock up on chili fixins.