Monday, March 9, 2009

I can admit it

Ok, ok, I am big enough (NO COMMENTS ON THAT) to admit that I have found something about the evil stealing of my hour of sleep to appreciate. Seems like losing that hour of video time really messes a teenager up. My 17 year old was asleep by 7:30! Wondered why it was so quiet in the house. Guess every cloud does have its' silver lining. On a totally random note, we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new bundles of joy--don't even think it--I am 47 and hormonal. Hubby dear has ordered another 20 baby chicks. He has quite the harem going on. I do not participate in this hobby of his, but he thinks it is hilarious that I can walk out in the yard and "call" them. They will come running from wherever they are. They are just like all the other two legged creatures I live with. They know who the cook is around here.


Kaye Butler said...

Just wondering if you are going to post a picture of you with your chicks?

Dianne said...

You know I don't do pictures.

Pat said...

Love baby chicks! You don't do pictures??

Dianne said...

I HATE having my picture made! Kaye "sneaks" and takes it!

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