Thursday, August 25, 2011

Round two

I think I glowed in the dark last night. That had to be what was keeping me awake. I got injected with radioactive stuff for the bone scan. Got injected with dye for an abdomen, chest, and pelvic CT. Plus had to drink the contrast. But on the plus side, I do like my new oncologist. He has jumped on top of everything and has not wasted any time. Unlike the doctors that I switched from. So I went to the doctor Tuesday, got scanned all day Wednesday, go back for results Friday. Today is my day off. I have to go get my port flushed, go to stuffmart, buy groceries, cook....

But Clayton had the day off yesterday. He didn't go with me. My sister Beverly had the pleasure of sitting in the waiting rooms all day. We had a good time during all the waiting and talked about things we haven't before. Like what happens when you die. About going to the funeral home to see just what kind of insurance we have. Would it be cheaper to stay with that funeral home and have services at our church. Or switch to a different funeral home because the other one is 40 miles away and you don't want to inconvenience anyone by dieing. I promise you these are conversations we had.

Did I tell you the doctor said I would not be cured? Kinda explains the conversations, huh?

Oh, I meant to brag on Clayton. When I FINALLY got home, after 10 hours of scans, he had cleaned the living room. CLEANED THE REFRIDGERATOR, it looks new. Yes the INSIDE! cleaned our closet (I didn't know we had a closet floor), washed all the clothes that were in the bottom of the closet (found all kind of clothes that I had been looking for). Cleaned the kitchen. Let me repeat. cleaned the kitchen and the fridge. PLUs, I have a storage cabinet in the kitchen that looks like an outhouse. For real. It is a potato and onion bin, plus holds all my spices, oil, and all kinda extra junk that gets throwed in there. He had cleaned it out and arranged everything neatly. I will pause now while y'all recover.....(crickets chirping)

I bought him a shirt for me at Lifeway Christian bookstore. It says "My husband is a rich man. He has a stong faith. Children that love him. And a wife that adores him" Joshua 24:15. Honor begins at home.

And then last night, we went to church together. Like always. And it was good.


Joanna said...

WHOA! Back up! What do you mean not going to recover from? Then why are they scanning you and making you glow in the dark??

I'm sorry but that just doesn't work for me - so you need to make up your mind you're going to live and prove all them people wrong.

Dang. Now I'm crying.

Kaye Butler said...

Joanna is crying cause she's jealous about your clean fridge.


Wonder if Clayton wore a french maid outfit while he was cleaning...

oh eyes my eyes....

lOvE yA!

Word: Fleco name of company that makes contrasts that make you glow in the dark and keeps you up and keeps your down the hill neighbor/sisterinlaw

Dianne said...

keeps you what?