Saturday, October 22, 2011

hard talks

My baby, yes I know he is 14, was laying on the bed with me. I could tell something was wrong but he would'nt tell me. I finally asked was it me dying. He nodded yes. I have tried to be strong, be superwoman around my kids. I don;t let them see me cry, but I have been boohooing around here for awhile. How do you talk about dying to your baby? Nothing you say helps. He is a Christian and knows I and he both are going to heaven. My daddy died 13 years ago on the 12th of this month. Before he died my momma asked him did he see Marsha, my sister who died in 1986. He said, "No. Momma." So we know for a fact his momma was waiting for him. Still, it doesn't really help. 1 Thessallions where is says we do not grieve as those who have no hope. Those are things to hang on to but it doesnt stop you heart from breaking.


EmmaP said...

I can't even imagine... I think you're right. Those who believe in our Savior Jesus Christ may indeed grieve differently, and there may even be a peace about death to an extent. But it doesn't say we can't nor shouldn't grieve at all. I think I would definitely be boo-hooing a TON. You are strong and I admire you. <3

rthling said...

I wouldn't even begin to know how you and your family are coping right now.
I don't really know the prognosis, I just think I understand that you are going home sooner than your family wants to let you go.
There will be grief. There will be tears, and maybe even anger. But none of this changes what God has in store for you.
What you can do, and maybe already have been doing, is writing letters for later. What a blessing to have something to hold on to for years to come!
I began something a while ago, and this makes me want to start back at it.
Download a free program off the internet, called Audacity. It is an audio recording program. Get a microphone headset and find some books that will be special to your kids, and even to their kids. Record some audio books. Let them have the gift of your voice.
Love you, girl! Be strong in the Lord. I doubt I'll ever meet you here, but I will hug you when I meet you in heaven one day!

mom2k said...

Those talks are sooo hard! I had them many times with my mom! No matter how old we are we are never ready to "let go" of our Mom! I am praying for you and your family!