Friday, December 9, 2011

CT results

Finally getting results from all my tests. STill some residual blood clot in my left arm, so they don't know if that or the cancer is causing alll the swelling. At least I get to go to one shot instead of two on my blood thinner. $90 a shot. I kid you not. Ct scans showed growth in the cancer in my lungs and liver. The silver lining to that is I can now get in the clinical trial I was referred to in the summer. It has moved on to the second part of the study and because of the amount of other chemo drugs I have been on, I qualify for this. It is only once every three weeks so I figure it is some kick butt stuff. They wanted to set up my first treatment for the 21st but thankfully my dr. had given me the heads up to not take it until AFTER Christmas. So I am looking forward to being chemo free for the next three weeks. I won't know how to act not having to run tochemo every week. Will have a lot of preliminary tests to make sure I am healthy enough but I am very excited about this drug. It is used inlung cancer but has not been tried in triple negative breast cancer. That is specifically what this trial is for. My. dr. told my in August that this drug, if it works, will put me in remission. Please keep praying for me and that it be God's way of healing me.


Joanna said...

Been praying for ya! Glad you can enjoy the holidays without being sick. woo hoo!

Joanna said...

I will so miss you. I know we've never "met" but I enjoyed getting to know you and was happy to call you my InterPeep. I know you are in a better place now but my heart weeps for your family and friends that are left behind. You will not be forgotten sweet lady. You will live on in our memories until the time we can all see each other face to face.