Tuesday, July 8, 2008

First Timer!

OK, so this is the very first time I have done this. Anyone expecting perfection, leave now. For all who love the errors and mistakes, I promise you quite a few. I am a 47 year old mother of 2 boys, 16 and 11. Married to the same wonderful man for 21 years and living in (gasp, yes I admit it) Arkansas! And I wouldn't want to live anywhere else, except the beach. Any beach, I don't care. We are the proud new parents of 17 assorted baby chicks. Assorted because each kid and dad picked what kind they wanted. Let me point out, I DID NOT pick out any chicks. These are not my project, I look at them thru the chicken wire. The End. Yeah, right. Everyone knows before it is all over with, it will be dear old mom taking care of this brood. We recently purchased our country home, an unfinished fixer upper, and it has been basically, GREEN ACRES, every since. For those too young to get this reference, ask someone older! When my doa camera is resurrected, i will add photos. There are some on my sis in laws blog, butler family diaries, for those who just can't wait. Hope you enjoy the ride.


ButlerFamily said...

Awesome! Great job for a First Timer! I'm adding you to my blog roll! Tim was impressed!


Good & Crazy said...

Kaye sent me....

I'm going to follow all the news about chicks! I totally want chickens someday...and then sanity hits me and I remember I live in suburbia, and uh...wouldn't know what to do,much less how to snatch life away from one, so I could EAT it!

The eggs right? I'd only want to eat the eggs and that would solve it, right?