Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day 2

I guess I should start by pointing out that these chicks are pets. They are only a couple of weeks old. My poor, mistreated, unfortunate kids informed me they were the only kids at their school who did not have chickens. Imagine that. BOO HOO. They are only about 3-4 inches high and won't start laying until 4-5 months old. We do not eat eggs. Cook with them, ocassionally. I told them for what they spent on all this, I could have bought a years supply of eggs. That didn't float. So, I repeat, they are pets. Two lay Easter eggs, 5 are brown egg layers and the others are what I call show chickens. Yes, there is such a thing. My oldest son picked out silkies, which are covered more with fuzz than feathers (we have him convinced he has to brush them everyday) while my hubby has sultans. These things when grown will look like a zulu warrior with this huge tophat of feathers growing out of their crown. They look nothing like a chicken, more like some exotic jungle creature. Hubby says he is going to breed his. Yeah, right. We do have someone locally who will swap animals for feed, etc. so maybe that could be a plan. If they ever do start laying, we will take and give the eggs to our church members. We have a very small congregation in a little country Baptist church. Most of our members are on fixed income and would appreciated the eggs. Have also learned you can freeze eggs. Never knew that! If you are freezing them for making desserts, you must add corn syrup, for savory dishes, salt. Hubby drives for FedEx Freight, out of Memphis and some of his fellow drivers told him their chicks produce about 30 eggs A DAY! I don't have that much room. But I have months to go before I have to worry about that. The kids are really enjoying them, even the 16 year old, and they are spending quality time with dad. That's what really matters.


ButlerFamily said...

I've learned something new about eggs. I did not know that you could freeze them. Hmmm, better not tell our mothernlaw! Ha Ha Hope you feel better.