Thursday, July 24, 2008

More from the mall

We are in Gamestop. If you are not familiar with this gaming store, consider yourself lucky. Andrew is behind me and Philip walks up beside me to start playing with the guitar hero demo. I tell him, "Don't be picking something up that you know you are not going to get!" Andrew leans over and whispers, "Momma, that's not Philip". I turned and looked and sure enough, it was not my darling child. in my defense, the boy was wearing the same exact clothes as Philip, white shirt and gray shorts, had the same haircut and hair color. I thought it was hilarious, but i am 47. My kids were sure they were being humilated and the floor would not open up and swallow them. They left the store in a BIG HURRY. i didn't have to buy any video games. Moms: 1; Kids: 0. i love going to the mall with my teen and preteen boys!


M & M said...

Kaye has done the same exact thing with us. She thought other kids are us.Kaye got on to some kids and thought it was us in Wal-mart.That was hularious.