Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Political ads

There is a woman in Memphis running for Congress. Her commercial consists of the following: "When i was a child I would sit on my grandma's front porch. She had diabetes. She would send me out to her mailbox to see if her check was here yet. I had to always go get her check out of the mailbox because she really needed it. I'm Nikki Turner and I approved this message." I never knew that the qualifications for Congress were waiting for your government check and going out to the mailbox to get it. I know why I have never ran for office. I AM NOT QUALIFIED! Never got a government check in my life. Kinda explains what's wrong with the country.


Kaye Butler said...

I wonder who is running against Nikki. I haven't seen any other commericals.

Guess I am not qualified either.