Monday, July 21, 2008


I have found the easiest way to buy shoes. Andrew wears a size 13 shoe and is pretty picky about what kind he wants. There are only a couple of places that carry them around here. So we went to the mall to buy shoes. Pac-sun, who usually stocks a really good selection, no longer had the Adios he wanted so we went to Journeys. Really nice little girl waited on use with black and white Cruella De'vil hair. She asked Andrew what kind he wanted and he told her Adios. I asked did they have a size 13, she said yes and started asking what kind, style, etc. Then she looked at me and said "why don't I just bring everything in a 13 that i have and you can pick". SMART GIRL. They only had 4 pairs. She did offer to custom order anything we wanted and told Andrew whenever they got those sizes in, they flew off the shelves. I know it made me feel better and probably Andrew too to know he isn't the only kid in the world with big feet! I have learned to ask right off the bat about sizes becauae so many place do not carry the bigger sizes, especially in the "cool stuff".