Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wake up call

My mother called me yesterday. At 2:42 pm. I did not hear my phone ring. When I heard it beeping for the missed call, I called her back. I was really kinda surprised she did not leave a voicemail. She usually does. I went to bed early--10pm for me is early. I am NOT a morning person, never have been. I have tried, never will be. I am 47 years old and let me repeat, I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON. At 2:42 AM my phone starts screaming at me that I have a message. My first AM thought is somebody better be dead. It was a voicemail from my mother, from 2:42PM the day before. She didn't want anything. Just calling to see how we were. I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON! That includes anytimes with AM listed after them.


Kaye Butler said...

That's what you call a delayed reaction! WOW!