Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Andrew and I enjoyed a trip to Jonesboro today. i had a 3 month checkup with my diabetic dr. and Andrew tagged along because tomorrow is his birthday. he had a surprise party over the weekend and wanted to go to the mall and spend that money that was burning a hole in his pocket. We had lunch at Chili's, one of his favorite places and really had a good time. He actually talked to me! Any one with a 17 (I can't believe it) year old knows how precious those conversations are. usually he disappears if i try to have a conversation with him, but he talked to me all day, over an hour at lunch, about stuff going on in his world, his friends, and school. i will always treasure today. Then we got back to Wynne. As we hit the first red light in town, my vision decided to take a break. I was afraid my retina was detaching so I went straight to my optometrist. he checked me out and was very relieved to tell my it was an ocular migraine. I had never heard of this, but I have now! It was a very weird experience, but I am so thankful that is all it was. I try to be a learning experience. That sounds much better than what it has been called!