Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Today has been full of memories. Seventeen years ago at 10:41pm our lives were enriched by the birth of our first child Andrew Charles Billings. He was 21" long and weighed 7'13". We tried for five years before Andrew was born and went through three miscarriages. He was our miracle child and we have always thanked God for him. Not to say the past 17 years have been a bed of roses. He is so Hard Headed and stubborn, don't know where he got that from! He started suffering from clinical depression in the 2nd grade, plus all the other ups and downs of childhood. And growing up hasn't been easy either. But things are much better now. Maybe his hormones have settled down in his "old age", but we now have a normal human being living in our home and not the alien who has resided with us for the past years. And he would absolutely die if he knew I had put any of this on here. Good thing he doesn't read my blog!


Kaye Butler said...

Wow, you are lucky he doesn't read your blog! Good post and the one before too!

Dianne said...

Oh Please, he doesn't think I have anything to say! I'm just MOM