Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Sometimes, you just get too much information. Sometimes, there are things that you are better off not knowing. Like the caloric content of cheesecake. Things like that can just ruin your night. We had to make a run to Walmart for those I can't live another minute without it things. In my kids minds anyway. Some marked down to $1 items caught my eye. It all started with the mango chunks, which I really love to snack on. And beside these lovely little gems was the evil Mrs. Smith Singles. Brownie and cheesecake varieties. I was not aware of these stellar products. Until now. The nonassuming package declared there were four servings in a box FOUR. And only 100 calories each. Do you know what a 100 calorie serving of cheesecake looks like? It is one and a half inches by one and a half inches by one inch. Yes, I measured it. No, I did not eat the entire box. Only three hundred calories. I saved the brownies for later. They were not the same size. Oh no. They were a perfect cube. One and a half inches all the way, length, width, and height. No, I didn't eat the whole box. Just three hundred calories. Trying to do my part to protect all the unsuspecting shoppers out there from the evil Mrs. Smith.