Friday, October 24, 2008


Finally, it has cooled off! Yesterday was great, temp dropped to about 47 during a rainy day. My favorite kind of weather, except when it is cold and looks like it is going to snow. Sad to say though, it will be back up to 75 by Sunday. That means you have to keep both wardrobes out. Can't pack up ALL the summer stuff just yet. But my kids will wear shorts all winter long. Big plans for tonight. Going to the haunted house at the Parker Pioneer homestead. This is really a neat place, click on the name and check out the link. They do not do all the slasher stuff, but keep it realistic to what they are, pioneers. Good, CLEAN, old fashioned, family fun. The end of the haunting is always at the covered bridge with the headless horseman, then jump on the hayride back to the entrance. We could probably help the pioneers, we practically know it by heart we have been so many times. But it won't be long until the kids are too "big" for family outings so we keep going. Making memories.