Sunday, November 30, 2008

Coffee Free Morning

You know it's probably not going to be a good day when:
(1) You are out of coffee
(2) You have to go to Walmart at 6am because you are out of coffee.
(3) While in said store at 6am because you are OUT OF COFFEE, you decide you need gas, too.
(4) Walking thru the store with coffee in hand is not the same as HAVING YOUR COFFEE.
(5) People actually try to talk to you before you've had your coffee.
(6) Cashier has the audacity to wish you good morning, while you are trying to buy COFFEE, at 6am, when she KNOWS YOU HAVE NOT HAD YOUR COFFEE.
(7) Buy a gas card so you can save 3 cents a gallon, which you will put to buying more coffee.
(8) Actually pull up to the pump at 6am, when you have not had ANY COFFEE, to try and pump gas.
(9) The freaking clerk, WHO KNEW YOU HAD NOT HAD YOUR COFFEE, has sold you a cute little Christmas package gift card, which will not fit into the gas pump, no matter how much coffee you have had.
(10) Walk over to the pay window, inform the nice cashier, YOU HAVE NOT HAD YOUR COFFEE, the freaking walmart clerk, in the freaking store, has sold you a freaking gas card, which will not go into the freaking gas pump, not matter how much coffee you may have consumed.
(11) The lady in line behind you agrees with you that you have not had your coffee, because she was in the checkout line behind you in the store while you were trying to buy your coffee.
I started to just stop at mil house at 6am to see if she had coffee. But I just wasn't up for that. At 6am. With no coffee.


Joanna said...

If God wanted me to see a sunrise He would have put it in the afternoon. :)

May this be a well learned lesson - don't go to bed when there is no coffee in the house.