Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Deer hunting

This story is from the channel 8 website, www.kait8.com. For all my friends and family who have MOVED OFF and left me, see what you are missing! To all ya'll still here, but going hours away to hunt, see, you need to stay close to home. Plus, the guy who parks in our drive and bow hunts on the Hermitage land, got a doe Sunday morning and a buck a couple of weeks ago. You too, could hunt in my yard. Bro-in-law Tim (Kaye's hubby) saw 4 last weekend coming down our drive.

Lenderman joined a small group of people who can claim to have bagged two bucks with one shot.
That's because Monday, while working in his shop overlooking a farm, Jimbo noticed a large buck with another buck pinned down, but when he got closer, he noticed that the standing-buck wasn't pinning the other down; he was dragging the other around.
Bucks routinely challenge each other, using their lowered heads and antlers as a weapon. In this instance, it appears the surviving (for the time being) buck had broken the other ones back.
Jimbo took down the surviving deer, giving him legal claim to both.
Some might doubt the legitimacy of Jimbo's claim, but the proof is there for all to see - one antler was broken off in the struggle.
But even with the bucks just feet away from Lenderman, he said he thought his eyes could have been fooling him.
Lenderman plans to have both mounted, together, just like he found them.


Kaye Butler said...

Just wondering...since Susan is coming...is there a "Susan Season"?

Dianne said...

can make one. Or decide just what kind of varmint she is so we know what season she belongs in.

Kaye Butler said...

Oh, thats good.