Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hot momma

Clayton: Andrew, you got a picture of your girlfriend yet?
Andrew: No
Clayton: Well, how are we supposed to see what she looks like?
Me: He said she looks like us
Clayton: What does that mean?
Me: (VERY SARCASTICALLY) Well, if she looks like me she must be drop dead gorgeous. (haha)
Andrew: OH, somebody has already said something about you!
Me: What??!!
Andrew: Some guy on the bus said "Andrew Billings' momma is HOT!"
This is still cracking me up hours later. By the way, if you cook dumplings in the crockpot all day long, they will dissolve.


Joanna said...

Sorry about your dumplings - you hot momma. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog. How crazy can some people be? There are usually a few bad apples in every bunch. I'm sticking to my guns (and bringing a wooden stake).