Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Philip is all revved up about his field trip Friday. I had to send 6 bucks to school for the cost of lunch. Just lunch. i asked Philip where they were eating. I checked his note. Eating at the college cafeteria. i went to this school. Not worth 6 bucks. No cafeteria would be worth 6 bucks. Then I looked at his itinerary again. Leave school at 8:30. Tour campus, lunch from 10:45 til 12:15. OOOOHHHH that's why it costs $6. They plan on eating for a LONG TIME. The next item said the Grossology exhibit was 12:30 to 1:30. They are going to eat longer than they will spend in the exhibit. Made sense to me. My baby is all about eating, now. I thought it was pretty funny. Philip, however, DID NOT. He informed me in no uncertain terms, that there was a mistake made. They were not eating until 11:45. You have to add the 11 year old tone, hands on hips, and head roll. You get the picture. Hey, if they are only eating for 30 minutes, I want some of my money back.


Leslie said...

why don't they just brown bag it??? give them money for a coke. we did this when I was in school, but then maybe we did not act right when away from school... and they did not want to take us into eating places. Tyler only eats hamburgers or pizza.