Sunday, November 2, 2008

Buggy Weekend

We spent most of the weekend sucking up ladybugs with the vacuum cleaner. Kaye says they are potato bugs, not really lady bugs, but they are orange with black spots. Our house is covered. We have sucked them up by the thousands in the kitchen and tried hosing them off the house. Maybe they are trying to come in out of the heat. Near 80 is too hot for November. Tonight I will go watch Taylor, aka Tater Bug, perform with her church choir. Hope she doesn't whack somebody with her flag as Kaye was telling me about another child during rehearsal. Philip gets to go on a field trip this week to the Grossology exhibit at ASU. He is very excited. For those of you not familiar with this, just picture what all preteen boys consider hilarious. Snot, gas, and the accompanying noises, etc. This exhibit tells how your body produces all these wonderful things. Can you say THANK YOU for the note telling parents they DO NOT need any chaperones? So glad I can sit this one out.


Kaye Butler said...

FINALLY, someone else is vaccuming up those stinking bugs!!!!

Welcome to the club!

Dianne said...

What is really fun is catching them while they are flying. That is more fun sucking them up in flight than when they are on a surface.

Leslie said...

I wished I had those bugs rather than flies!!! I have a 8500 head dairy barn about 3 miles north of me and a sheep farm 2 miles north west of me... I could go on and on ... wanna trade?? I can even send you some smell of cow if you would like..