Friday, November 7, 2008


I am VERY well known for what I name our pets. We have Essie, which is really SC, which is stupid cat, have had Icee, I C is ignorant cat, DAC, dumb---, well, you get the picture. I have now named our new chickens. The small half silkie, half we aren't sure what it is, is half-breed. I KNOW but we are not politcally correct. Just wait it gets better. The bard rock we acquired I was calling zebra because she is black and white striped. But I changed hers. The one Clayton says is rare is also a mixed breed, I forget what he says it is, but from the neck down it is blue/black. You know the color I mean. I named him obama and decided to rename zebra as obama 2. made sense to me. Hey, they're our chickens and we can name them anything we like. It's still a free country, isn't it--at least til January.


Leslie said...

They have a new cat at the John Deere place where Jeff works,a stray of course, and it is very black and furry, they named it Obama also. seems to be a popular name huh? Check out the Wynne Progress for Parkin's mayor letter.. Mom said it was interesting and sickening.