Saturday, November 8, 2008

22 years

We have been married 22 years today. Happy anniversary to me. After 22 years, here is how you celebrate. Clayton had a couple of suggestions, but I told him I would just as soon stay home with the kids, build a fire, roast weenies and make smores. Now technically, I don't eat smores, just the chocolate. But that's ok. Clayton wanted to go to Memphis to Hong Kong, where we ate every weekend when we were first married. It is in Whitehaven, name is misleading, about a block from Graceland (that would be Elvis' house if anyone doesn't know). But COGIC is in town so that was a big NO. Very romantic of him to think of it though. The fact that they have the best Chinese food we have ever had probably did not enter into it.....much. I still love him!


Leslie said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Time flies! Jeff and I had our 23rd anniversary this summer, next week Jeff turns 45! He told me today he is just 25... wishful thinkin. Anyway, have a great anniversay. At least your husband does try to plan something!