Saturday, November 1, 2008


Well, it is finally here. What Philip truly believes is the beginning of the Christmas season. He and Clayton have taken three roosters to swap them for hens. As soon as that newness wears off he will go into overdrive on decorating. Forget Thanksgiving. He thinks that is just a big meal. He is thankful everyday so he doesn't understand that not everone is and need to have a day to think about it. Does anybody really do that? I don't think they do. It's just food, football, and buying the paper so you know what is on sale for Black Friday. Guess I better start cleaning house so we can drag all the Christmas stuff out. Philip has been playing carols for about three weeks now. I have the air conditioner turned downnnn to make it cold enough to get in the mood. Yes, we are still running the air. It has been upper 70's almost 80 around here. Those couple of days of coolness we had spoiled me. I only want it hot if I'm on the beach! You know you're in Arkansas if you have to run the air and heat in the same day.