Monday, December 22, 2008


Dear Leslie, please come and get your WEATHER. You are the one who moved off to Colorado. Do not send your cold down here. I don't want it. It was 11 when I got up. And the wind chill was 1. My thermometer just says cold, the one in the truck justs says ice. Yes, I know I am thin blooded. I am also cold. The fact that in 24 hours it will be in the 60's is totally irrelevant to me at this time. At least I am not as cold as Kaye, who ran out of propane in the wee hours of the morn. Been there, done that. Feel your pain. But, I am cold.


EmmaP said...

poor thing. hope it warms up for you soon!

Kaye Butler said...

Sad: I could see my breath that morning.

I've been sitting here reading all the blogs, and I'm really glad that we haven't gone commercial. Some have and their blogs aren't fun anymore.

Also Sad: we live next to each other, you are texting me right now, WHILE I'm leaving you a comment. Maybe I need a life.

Leslie said...

You know I think I will bring the subzero temps with me when we come home next week!!!! It just does not feel that cold to me, I don't bundle up unless the wind is blowing, Oh the trees were gorgeous this AM, the fog we had last night had frozen and settled in the trees, fences and anything it could stick to.. it was so pretty. !! See you next week.