Saturday, December 27, 2008

Southern winter

This is my idea of winter. Almost 75 degrees, sitting outside in a t-shirt, no jacket required. I love it. Doesn't matter to me that we are under a tornado watch, in December, it's worth it. I don't do cold. I spent most of my day outside with Clayton and Philip, watching them work on their chicken accommodations. Clayton goes back to his Chicago run next week, which means he will be gone overnight. They are working on everything so the chickens can go in and out by themselves without someone having to let them in and out every morning and night. I supervise very well. I ran back and forth into the house doing laundry, but stayed outside as much as possible enjoying the warm temps. We will be back down into the twenties next week and I will be griping once again. Did get our phone service back. Isn't it weird how even if you are not using something, just the idea of knowing it is or isn't available makes all the difference? I felt disconnected when the phone was down, but even though I am not using it, I know I can and feel back in step. Ah, the wonder of technology.


EmmaP said...

i am so jealous. i HATE cold weather and yucky driving conditions. oh - and how about you come over here and get some of my laundry done too! lol!