Friday, December 26, 2008

ring, ring

Hey, your phone is ringing. NOT! The cell tower we get our service from went down Tuesday night. And yes I am one of those people who cut the land line and went totally cell. Figured we had 4 cells, didn't need a land line. Well, it's now Friday and we still do not have service. But to tell the truth, I haven't missed it that much. Except for the texting. I can still receive texts, just can't send any. So I have taken to emailing whoever I need to get in touch with and they txt me. Sad, I know. And in a totally unrelated vein, we took our tree down last night. It is just one of my things that I want it down as soon as possible. My dad always insisted we leave the tree up until his birthday January 1st. But mine usualy comes down Christmas night at the latest. Anybody else do that?


Kaye Butler said...

Not me. We stare at it, hoping someone will take it down, until like February.

Not really.

We did leave it up one year until February waiting for family to show up for Christmas...they kept getting snowed in. We gave up.

EmmaP said...

poopy about the cell phones... i was actually gonna do a post about "how long is too long". now it'll just look like i copied. Oh well - doin it anyway. :)

Leslie said...

OH My Di without a phone!! I feel almost out of place if I leave home without my cell phone, like it rings all the time. It is usually Lauren or Ty or of course Jeff. Hope all is well and will see you this weekend!!!!! Rendevous, Saturday evening, time, TBA.
Oh yea, I can't wait to get the tree down. it was down on Saturday since I had to work every freaking day since Christmas eve!