Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bday Pics

Isn't this just lovely? He will kill me when he sees this. Oh well, too bad, so sad. Thanks to Kaye for taking the pics. I left my camera at home. And because she was behind the camera, you didn't get to see the lovely sombrero that she modeled! If you are ever in Wynne, stop bu at Don Jose's. They have great food, and the customer service is what really puts them over the top. They are a great bunch of guys.

We Took Philip to his favorite restaurant, Don Jose's, in Wynne for his birthday lunch. Niece Tbug is on the left with me sporting the mega sombrero on the right. The amigo in the white shirt behind Pancho (that's what they call Philip) is the owner. Notice the blue icing on the cake. It turned everyones' tongue blue. The guy on the end behind me was trying to see his (without looking in the mirror).


Beth@playinwiththepaulsens! said...

oh how I miss good Mexican food.... *sigh*

love the tongue!

Kaye Butler said...

OMG I can not believe you put the tongue picture up! If the singing at Don Jose' didn't kill him this post will or maybe it will be you he kills.

Its been nice knowing you.

EmmaP said...

hahahahaha! that's awesome.