Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chick, Chicks, and More Chicks

I think I mentioned that we were getting more chicks, came on the 12th. We got 20, but one got stung by a huge red wasp and died. Hubby's really into his chicks. He also had two hens sitting on eggs. They hatched today. That is my hand holding the black one and I think Philip holding the other. Clayton knows who's the daddy, we only have one rooster, just not who's the momma. One hen is still trying to hatch a couple of eggs. They are from a different breed and take longer. As you can see they are right beside each other and when you try to pick them up, the chicks pop out and burrow back under them. Doesn't matter which one, so we aren't sure who belongs to who. Your biology lesson for today.


Kaye Butler said...

Do I get to call you grammy?

Kaye Butler said...

Oh, can I call Clayton grampy?

Dianne said...

Try it and see