Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Finally, a diagnosis. The long awaited dr. appointment was today. It was our first visit with Dr. Ricca in Jonesboro and believe it or not we had a pretty good time, all things considered. He said, and I quote, that Clayton's back was "JACKED UP". Now, is that a technical diagnosis or what? Cracked me up. Looks like we may have found a doctor who actually lives on this planet and not somewhere off in the clouds with the other demi-gods. Told Clayton it was his body and that he would do whatever course of action Clayton felt comfortable with. Here were the options:
1. Drugs, therapy, rest, etc.
2. Little surgery--basically what he had ten years ago, just take out what ruptured
3. Big surgery--remove entire disc, put in bone from hip OR use donor bone to replace it and screw his back together again.
Believe it or not, I did not tell Clayton what to do. We discussed all options and Clayton decided on door number three. Dr. Ricca asked did he want to use his own bone or donor bone. Having been quiet long enough I told him we had family members who worked at a funeral home could we just bring our own, he was cool with that, said it would probably save us some money. Clayton didn't think it was that funny. Then I just had to remember watching Christian comedian Mark Lowry last weekend discussing his donor bone after a motorcycle wreck. He wanted to know when the Rapture took place, what happened if his donor was not a Christian? Would his leg get left behind? You know I had to ask. As if that wasn't enough, Doc had to tell Clayton he had lumbar riddiculous. Which, of course, I had to tell him sounded like a Harry Potter spell. Maybe I should get out more. Anyone need me to go to their doctor visits? Dr. Ricca punched me on the knee and told me he loved me. I think we brightened up his day. I told him I try to spread joy and sunshine wherever I go. He said I do a good job.:)Doing what I can with what I have.


Beth@playinwiththepaulsens! said...

I have walked thru door # three. I had a spinal fusion done to correct two vertebre that had shifted forward and were pinching the sciatic nerve. Bone was taken from my hip, since I ended up needing L4,L5 and S1 all fused they opened me up wide enough to just reach over and get the bone from my hip without another incision. I had to have a follow up surgery a week later due to a complication. It was not pretty. I doubt you want details, but I had an amazing surgeron, and now while I am not 100% better I am WAY better than I was so I am glad I had it done.
I avoided the surgery for many years and finally realized it was time.
God will watch over!

Kaye Butler said...

My brother Scott has been through many surgeries due to his motorcycle wrecks (yes plural). Cause the first two didn't teach him a lesson. After the 3rd motorcycle wreck he's had to have his shoulder worked on several different times because the bone was not growing back together. The last surgery he had a bone graft from his hip. He said the recovery from that surgery hurt worse than the recovery from his amputation. He also says it still has a sore spot.

I think Clayton picked the right door. BTW those family members who work at the funeral home really like thier jobs and freedom. The Harry Potter thing, too funny. Yes, you need to get out more.

Mother daughter tea at church is coming up, I'm letting you borrow Taylor, you should count that as an outting.

Thanks for the comment on MM's blog. She needed that.

EmmaP said...

did he write "jacked up" on the chart, i wonder? very funny. when my Dr. gave me my medical options for my poisoned girly parts:

a) continue w/ meds
b) minor surgery every other year, like I had been
c) major remove-the-plumbing surgery

I said:

"I just wanna be done with this whole thing. Take it out. Throw it away, give it away, make a hand-bag out of it... I don't care, I am just done!"

I got the same sort of response from mine as you did yours.

just saying it like it is!

Pat said...

You can go with me sometime! I'm sure you did brighten the doctor's day! Hope all goes well!