Thursday, May 28, 2009

Old people post

While thinking about my day and what I wanted to share, I realize it was an old people day. Most of it was spent at various doctor offices. We started out a little after 7 on the way to Jonesboro. I had to drop off office stuff at the home office from the outlaying counties and from there the games were on. I had called the dr. I was going to so that I could get special treatment (I know ya'll wish you were me, sorry Kaye!). Stopped there and got blood drawn. Took Clayton down to the Surgical Center to get his presurgery tests done. HE was not a happy camper. Usually, I am the hard stick. As a belated birthday gift to me, they drew all the blood they needed with one stick. Amazing. Not so with hubby dear. He claims they "dug around in one arm", could not strike red gold, so started farming the other arm. Poor baby, all this done while I (GASP) SAT IN THE WAITING ROOM. Nobody was there to witness his misery. From there, back to finish my appointment, where the EKG machine decided to give up the ghost. After they got me all hooked up. So they got to remove all the leads and replace them with different ones for a different machine. They removed half my skin. As a matter of fact, they just were not nice at all to me today. Even the dr. was pissee. Chewed me out over all kinds of things that I thought were fine, like my cholesterol...A1C...EKG...he really got on my nerves. Disagreed with me when I told him I was having significant leg swelling...told me I was WRONG when I did the unthinkable and told him how certain medications were affecting me. He started getting my death-kill (Clayton's term) look. He finally had enough sense to get up and leave the room before I could find a weapon. It's raising my blood pressure just thinking about it.


Kaye Butler said...

I got enough blood pressure medicine over here to cure several small countries, need some?

Pat said...

Who better to know your body than the one who lives in it??