Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Mystery of the Disappearing Shoe

Andrew goes out on the front porch last night, comes back in, gets the flashlight, goes back out, comes back in, fussing. One of his shoes was gone. My kids have a bad habit of leaving their shoes on the porch instead of wiping off the mud before they come in. We have a HUGE problem with coons, they are always killing our chickens, have had 4 kittens disappear, got Clayton's blue duck, and come onto the porch to eat the cat food. Andrew keeps a watch at night and shoots them, we have set out traps. Andrew decides a coon has taken his shoe. They often abscond with the cat's dishes, so Andrew accuses them of the shoe theft. Dad says, we will find it in the morning. I get up and go to work. Notice something big, black, and dead in the road. Pass it. Stop. Back up. Get out and get Andrew's shoe. It was about a quarter of the mile down the road. In front of the "pet motel". Apparently while your pets are boarding there, they get to take field trips. And collect souvenirs. Or maybe they took it for a tent and campout. He does wear a size 13. Or a boat. We've had alot of rain here lately.


EmmaP said...

maybe the coons took the shoe for a walk... that is funny! i would have thought for sure it was a dead rodent and definitely would not have gone near it~!

Kaye Butler said...

Drake is not guilty. First he wasn't out but most importantly, HE WOULD BE AFRAID OF THE SHOE and wouldn't take it, that's how we roll at the Butler Manor, labador retrievers that are afraid to retrieve and afraid of the water.

My word: resses-was my favorite movie treat, haven't had one since December 08. I'm not bitter.

Pat said...

Very cute. We've had 'possums come up onto the carport to eat the cat food. Our cat has its own door in the garage now, but occasionally other cats learn how to go in. So far, no 'coons or 'possums found in the garage... And this is in town!