Friday, August 21, 2009

200th post!

My 200th post. I know y'all are all waiting anxiously for the 200 things you just don't know about me. Ok, here goes:

I just got a new pool!
My husband has had a spinal fusion and looks like another one may be in his future.
I quit my job to take care of him.
He spends more time with his chickens than with me.
I didn't number these so you would have to count and see if there are REALLY 200.
I like doing stuff like that.
Kaye has not killed me yet.
I am left handed.
I have a dry, warped sense of humor.
I LOVE monster movies
Godzilla is my favorite monster
I watch every single Christmas special that comes on tv.
After reading the Left Behind series twice and fighting for them at the library, I bougt my own COMPLETE set off ebay.
I am a cat person but not in the house!
I do not care for dogs even outside
I cannot grow plants, not even silk ones.
Sometimes in blogging I do not use a period.
Speaking of periods....we won't go there.
My anniversary is Nov 8.
I will be married for 23 years.
I'm not counting these so I don't know how many there are so far.
I LOVE the beach.
I am a Christian first, a Baptist second.
Southern through and through.
My dad died 10 years ago.
My oldest sister died 23 years ago in a house fire.
Youngest of 4 girls.
There are no granddaughters on my side of the family. Only grandsons.
Country girl all the way.
we now have 30 chickens
have a rabbit that thinks it's a chicken--even sleeps in the roost and eats their food.
have 4 ducks that think they are chickens.
have a small hen that thinks it's a duck.
The ducks, small hen, and one guiena (sp), have formed a barnyard GANG.
We don't have a barn.
Two white ducks, two blue ducks who all sleep with the chickens
One white duck is the lookout. He always goes first. Little later, hear come the other ones (gotta get that on video).
Yes, they roam around free in the yard during the day with our 3 cats and go into their pen at night.
I love to sing.
I have a very strong Christian faith.
My husband and I met because his grandmother died on Christmas day and my sister died on New Year's day.
I am related to Princess Di. Have geneology from Time magazine to prove it.
And I can do THE WAVE (not football), too.
I am left handed (did I say that already)?
I can eat with chopsticks.
I was 30 when my first child was born.
35 when the second was born.
Everybody has probably stopped reading by now.
I had to go to the post office today and pick up 60 quail eggs hubby dear bought off ebay.
currently hatching 12 cuckoo murans (sp?)
Hatched 12 quails about a month ago.
Thinking about blocking ebay.
Forensic file FREAK! Youngest son told dad he better not make me mad because I could hurt him and get away with it.
Have read all the Harry Potter books, more than once.
Terrified of green tree frogs. They gross me out.
Love the fall.
Have put my Christmas tree up before Halloween.
Do not want grandkids.
Put my family before myself always.

I could keep going but nobody has probably made it this far. Kaye, don't count them. Sandy, don't count them. Emma, don't count them...


EmmaP said...

haha! funny! and Yes! I did get all the way through! very ineteresting reading. Sorry to hear about your sister. Also, I woul like to request (you DO take requests, right?) a blog post regarding the late Lady Di, as well as blog posts on the various animals who think they are chickens, complete with pictures. thanks ;) and congrats on the 200 posts!

Kaye Butler said...

I got all the way through it, was hoping to find something I didn't already know, well I didn't know you were thinking about blocking Ebay, so there's one.
Should I do a 500 post?

Dianne said...

Emma were these pictures and stories what you meant?

Joanna said...

Congrats on 200!

I think your chickens are ruling the animal kingdom. Or they have crazy Jedi mind powers.