Monday, March 22, 2010

Im still here

Havent been online much due to the pain. Joanna, one less thing was Forrest Gump. And winner winner chicken dinner would by Guy Fieria, whose autographed pic I have. Clayton was on Diners, Driveins and Dives.
AND I CANT BELIEVE I WON! Yea for me! Keep waiting for the mailbox to tell me "I got mail". I know it's lame but gotta work with what I got. TOok a shower and found out why the pain is so bad. Incision goes from almost middle of the chest around and under the arm to the backside of the "pits". Yes, it is the pits. Been eating pain meds like m and m's. Stuff aint working. Going to get the drains out Wednesday. THey run from uner the breast, thru chest, down arm almost to elbow. And u can feel them. Feels like a garden hose inside. So glad I can share all this "critical, need to know information". (Joanna I will send u some chocolate if u know what movies that is lol)
Don't y'all love how this rambles around? I may go back and read these sometimes when I am sane, or at least not under the influence. For now I will just thank all my readers for sharing my ride.


EmmaP said...

again -- your post leaves me holding my boobs! lol!!!

I hope you get to feeing bette soon, hun!

Kaye Butler said...

Got stopped coming out of Hays...Mrs. Bonady reads your blog...she's probably reading my comment and correcting all the english error right now!

Anyway...she said that your blog on Boobage...cracked her up!

Um...yes this post is jumpin all over the place! I like it, it makes sense...ha ha ha

Joanna said...

Hey whatever keeps your sense of humor going. Man I think I've heard that in one of Ocean's movie but I could be wrong. Keep the chocolate and just focus on getting better. :)

So so so sorry that you've been in pain PLUS other issues.