Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Yea, I know

I do not know what the deal is with the picture. I tried to make it smaller. I tried to include me and Philip on it. We will just ssay this is in honor of Andrew's 19th birthday which is Friday. Yay, me, for I did all the work. But if you click on my "baby" you can see me and Philip, I am so sporting my Chrome dome!
I was told I do not update enough. My excuse? I have cancer. I use it to try to get out of a whole bunch of stuff. It's starting not to work. Dang. Guess I've milked it for all it was worth (milked, breast cancer, get it?). My hair is coming back. Almost long enough not to wear a wig or do rag. I tried it one day going to Sonic, but the little carhop 'bout dropped our order. I find myself having to go back in the house after a head covering when we are going somewhere because I never wear anthing at home. My hair is coming back WHITE. Kaye says it's gray, I say no, blonde, we compromise that it has chrome highlights. Works for me. At least I have hair again. Still haven't made up my mind about reconstruction. Have pain just from wearing fiberfill prosthesis so I don't think I'm ready for real fake boobies just yet. Big decision. No that was not a boob joke for those of you who know mine were huge. Philip loves to rub my head. So does hubby. They tell me it feels like a build a bear animal.


Joanna said...

Next you'll tell me they are calling you their chia-pet. ;)

Dianne said...

OMG If they think about it they will LOL