Monday, May 9, 2011

The great flood of 2011

By now everyone knows that the Mississippi river is flooding. What they don't report is that all the rivers that flow into the Mississippi are also flooding. Fortunately we live on Crowley's Ridge, which was formed by an earthquake in the 1800's. We live above the floodline. But just because our house is dry does not mean we are not affected. We can only get in or out of our home by B O A T. We drove out Saturday to get a vehicle to dry land. The water came halfway up the headlights on my Ford Expedition. That was the less flooded gravel road we used. The direct way to town down Hwy 163 was too deep to attempt. We hadn't been out since the Thursday before. Now there is flooding up the road from where we parked on dry land. Looks like we made need another boat to put at that site.