Friday, October 17, 2008


Kids. Gotta love 'em. We were in Wally World last night. I sit in pharmacy when I get done and wait for the kids. Yeah, yeah, I know, don't lose sight of your kids, etc., but you can see almost the whole store from there. Especially where my kids are. This is one of the smaller stores. ANYWAY...Andrew comes up and says, "whatcha doing?" Me, "waiting for ya'll". Andrew starts calling Philip (what did we do before cells?). He does not answer. I start calling. No answer. So Andrew has to physically get up and walk down the aisle to find him. I knew where he was. In Christmas. When Philip sees Andrew he tells him, "What is that music playing? It is driving me crazy! It won't stop!" Andrew looks at him and says, "ANSWER YOUR PHONE!!!!!!!!!" No, I do not dye my baby's hair brown to cover up his blonde roots.