Sunday, November 9, 2008


Look at me, I got an award! I am so impressed. Kaye gave me this creative blogger award and I thank her most sincerely. Now, as I understand it, I list six things that make me happy and pass the award along to six worthy bloggers. Ok. Here are my six happies:
(1) Faith
(2) Family
(3) Friends
(4) Doing for others
(5) the beach
(6) somebody making my coffee for me before I get up
And for my award winning blogger friends, I don't have six! But I will give you what I have:
(1) Leslie at Rocky Mountain Country
(2) Sandys Pearls
(3) Kaye said I can't do her, but I get such a kick out of her life. No, I do not want to be you.
There are a couple of other blogs I read once in awhile, but they are not award worthy. These are the only ones I follow.