Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope it is a good one for all. I got to sleep later than I ever have since Christmas BC (before children). The kids didn't get me up until 5:30AM. But my coffee was made. This was the first year tht Santa did not come and visit us. No milk and cookies left out, no watching the skies to see if we would see Rudolph's blinking red nose. It was the passing of childhood. Very melancholy. Because of this, it made a difference in my shopping and planning. I always have my list and check it more than twice, to make sure I didn't forget anything. Not this year. I put out everything but Philip's one big gift out before anyone went to bed. He would know from the box what was in it so I did wait on that one. After the gifts were open he commented that the one thing he had asked for he didn't get. I thought to myself, "Oh, S---! I know I bought that. What did I do with it?" Went to where I always stash stuff and not only was it there, but several other things as well. Open those. Realize one other thing was missing. Went to find it where I had apparently hidden it from myself. The reason I am so big on hiding stuff is that when Andrew was little we were robbed on Dec 23. So I do not put stuff under the tree. But, I will go back to checking my list. And it isn't that we had so much stuff I couldn't keep up with it. Had the talk with the kids about how money was tight, would not be as many gifts this year, etc. Thought things looked very lonely under the tree. Santa did come, he just hid everything!