Thursday, January 15, 2009

Biggest Loser

My addictions would be, other than Kaye's lemon cookies, Biggest Loser and ER. Now, here in Wynne, we have our own version of BL. My sis, Bev, see our photo!, did it last fall. I tried to get in but it was full. She calls me to tell me to get to the gym, there are only three spots left. I'm pleading temporary insanity. I went. And signed up. And got in. And am now SCARED. Maybe the insanity is not temporary. We don't start until Feb., so I will be chowing down until then. I eat when I'm scared, or insane. Thinking about getting the weight loss ticker but don't think I will be doing any pics. Unless I can figure out how to put my head on somebody elses body. Oh, by the way, my 17 year old BABY is hugging my and loving on me, trying to butter me up so I will let him stay home from school tomorrow. Says it's too cold to go to school. Hate it for him. It's still double digits here. Gonna be 6 tonite. Hubby is in Chicago. Windchill is -45. Now, that's cold. He said it warmed up to 1 today.


Dysd Housewife said...

Losing weight is the most ANNOYING thing I have ever done. OIY. good luck to you. I fell off the wagon today. I posted about it. LOL