Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nighttime Conversation and the Rapture

My oldest is in the 11th grade. Youngest in 6th. Last night we had the opportunity to tour the new elementary school that opens today. Very impressive. Philip is very excited about all the new technology. It is very high tech, especially for rural Arkansas. Andrew did not go, of course. When we got back home, a strange conversation took place. We were discussing the new school, which led to Andrew graduating next year and getting a J.O.B. (Sorry to use such language this early in the morning. Just vulgar four letter word--job.) Andrew remarks that the rapture will probably happen before Philip graduates. HUH? That was so not any part of the conversation! And then continues his remarks with, AND I QUOTE, "I am hoping it happens before I graduate so I don't have to get a job". Welcome to my world.


Joanna said...

Now you know why I'm hoping it happens before my twins have to take driver's training. The thought of teaching not one but two new drivers - oh my ticker!

Dysd Housewife said...

hahahaha!! That's some serious optimism!