Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Storm 2009 NOT (yet)

Well, we had some pretty lacey effects on the trees, but nothing on the roads. So it was off to school, YEA!, and off to work, boo. At noon I was cut free, the home office to the north was getting a pretty good punch of ice so they shut everyone down. We are still under the warning, it is steady raining at 34 degrees and the low for tonite is forecast at 26. Clayton did not make it to his terminal, had to drive so slow he ran out of hours. A truck driver is only allowed to drive 10 1/2 hours before being off for 8 hours. So he is somewhere in Illinois waiting to come back and drive in this stuff some more. He will be getting in just in time for rush hour, lowest temp, tomorrow morning. And the first thing that always ices in Memphis is the wonderful bridge across the mighty Mississippi river. Every time any winter precip falls, TN waits on one side, and AR on the other like two kids arguing over who has to salt the bridge. And if you are not familiar with the "old" bridge, check out the TDOT cameras (TN dept of transportation) There is no pull over area, VERY NARROW and one small fender bender shuts everything down. Also, this is the major artery for truck/transportation traffic and it is a booger. So if you need some entertainment tomorrow, check out those cameras during morning rush hour.