Saturday, January 3, 2009

Silver Linings

An addition to my previous post. I grew up with Clayton's grandma. Went to church with her and my entire life she would tell me, "Dianne, I want you to meet my grandson." I would always tell her, ok, just bring him to church so I could meet him. She never did. But she even had our senior pictures side by side in her photo album. She died on Christmas day before my sister. Her death and my sister's was the reason Clayton and I meet. All things work to the glory of God. I've always said she got to heaven and took matters into her own hands. She was a dear saint who always prayed for everyone. Many times she prayed with my family over the phone. I'm glad God granted her one of her heart's desires with the wonderful marriage that Clayton and I have today.


Kaye Butler said...

Really good post.