Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stolen Camera

While Clayton was sitting on the interstate stuck in the snow, I took some pictures of our little slice of heaven. Thought you might want to see my driveway. What was on the roads melted fairly quickly and we did not have any travel problems in our immediate vicinty. Afew miles up the road it was a totally different story. They expect electric to be out for WEEKS! Guess we are living right. The power company we are on said they had 187,000 customers without power. I didn't know that many people lived around here!


Raymonty said...

Very nice winter photos. This seems like a very long cold winter for me.

mom2k said...

It's nice to have an update on what it's like on the old dad doesn't say much! Sounds like you had an interesting experience! It seems like every news station had a rep in Russellville, but we didn't get much of anything! RAIN mostly!

Joanna said...

That is a dusting of snow.

But nice picture! :)