Friday, February 20, 2009


I started to call this post "How to sort laundry when you are really pissed off". But I thought that would just give too much away. I am really pissed at my kids. They CONNED (begged) me into letting them miss school today. I told them they had to clean house and do laundry while I was at work. I had to go to training in a nearby town and was out of area for the day. When they figured it was close to time for me to be getting back, they started calling wanting to know what was for supper. So, from driving back from work, having to get new tires because I was riding on bare wires (and my BILs did not do it for me yesterday like they said they would), stopping to get groceries and trying to decide what I could cook to get hubby off to work in the hour I had left, I went home, unloaded the four old tires (and these are 17 inch tires for an SUV, not little ones), carried in the groceries and started cooking supper. At this point I realized I was walking on the dirty clothes that were still laying in the floor. I totally lost it. I now have a life. New rules at my house are: You will wash your own clothes. I will wash mine and dad's, not yours. Get over it. I have a life, too. I am not your slave. You will cook your own food. I will cook for me and dad, what WE want to eat and what WE like. Grown up food. You can't have any. Get over it. I have a life. AND I WILL NO LONGER BE SPENDING MY WHOLE PAYCHECK ON YOU. I WILL SPEND IT ON.....wait for it.....ME! The person who , gasp, actually earned it. DEAL WITH IT. Get your own job. I feel much better now. IT's good to get a life at 47. Try it. Oh, and how to sort laundry when you are really pissed? You throw all the kids dirty, nasty clothes, stinky underwear, etc. in their room onto their bed, or just a random fling all over the room. Relieves a LOT of stress:)


Kaye Butler said...

How long do you think Philip will last?

jennisg said...

I so completely feel your pain....Drama Queen acts like she can't do crap when I ask her to and she is so mistreated because I expect her to help out, but she has no hesitation sticking her hand out constantly wanting money....Let me know if it works out for you....MOM POWER!!!!